I use Time Freedom TC due to my hectic schedule. I’m a one-woman show, and I have limited time for paperwork. Time Freedom affords me the ability to take on more clients without sacrificing compliance on the logistic end of my business. 

As a new agent in the business, Time Freedom made sure that my first year wasn’t my last. Courtney is very knowledgeable, and has assisted me numerous times in making sure deadlines are met, my clients are protected through proper verbiage in amendments, and that my overall business is taken care of from point “A” to point “B.” Courtney and Time Freedom TC has played a very intricate part in my company’s growth. We would not be where we are today without the assistance of Time Freedom TC! I am extremely appreciative of all of the support received. 

Akia Shaw
Skye Realty Group/Keller Williams 

Time Freedom TC is a wonderful tool and resource for real estate agents.  This company allows for real estate agents to focus on acquiring more business and not having to focus much on the administrative portion once the real estate agent’s client  goes under contract.  This is important because there are a lot of deadlines that could affect a clients earnest money or sale of their property if the deadlines are not closely watched. 


Time Freedom TC has exceeded several agents expectations that I tend to work with frequently.  I have personally seen a few agents' productivity increase over 20% simply because they had the support of Time Freedom TC.  Agents should use Time Freedom TC if they plan on increasing productivity.  Time Freedom has put many systems in place to help real estate agents be able to obtain more clients but still remain very focused on protecting each and every client during the process of closing on a home.  I would recommend every real estate agent try the services of Time Freedom TC.  I am sure they wont be disappointed.

Tiffani Hawes
closing attorney
The Hawes Law Firm

I use Time Freedom because I’m a very busy real estate professional and I needed a company to handle the administrative tasks so that I could have the time to do what I do best. That is sell houses.


I truly appreciate this company because they are always on top of deadlines and timelines and they go above and beyond to ensure that any additions to the contract are always in the best interest of the client.

Agents should use time freedom to increase their productivity and focus on income producing activities.

I absolutely would recommend this company.

 I have grown 48% in sales volume and the number of families I’ve assisted and I know that Time Freedom played a major role. Instead of being bogged down with paperwork I was able to focus on acquiring new business. Thank you Time Freedom!

Quiana Watson
Quiana Watson & Assoc./Palmerhouse properties